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Track the flow of traffic on your web site

Site Vigil is a sophisticated web site monitoring tool that lets you thoroughly check your site. Improve the effectiveness of your web site by tracking the flow of visitors. Make sure your site is operational and your web host is giving a fast, trouble-free service. The program can automatically check the position of your site on search engines and the validity of all the links.

Site Vigil runs on an ordinary Windows PC, using your normal Internet connection to gather data quietly in the background. Periodically the application will alert you as soon as a problem is spotted. A summary of activity over each hour or day or week is generated in the form of a concise report.

Effective marketing

Have you spent money on advertising recently? How many visitors did it bring to your site and for how long ? Monitor the site traffic with Site Vigil and find out the real cost of bringing each new visitor to the site

Top the search engine list

Which keywords are used to reach your site? Site Vigil gives much more detailed analysis than standard statistics packages by analysing the keywords people are using to reach the web site. Fine tune web page text so that you attract the visitors who want the product or service you are offering.

Check validity of web pages

It's important to keep a web site free of coding errors, not only can they pose problems to visitors but they can stop search engines in their tracks as they scan the web site. You can monitor the validity of web site pages automatically every day.

Are you in the news?

When your site gets featured on a popular news service or chat room you will want to make sure that what is being said is accurate. It may be too late to take action if you only look at site monitoring statistics every week. You need an alert to tell you that traffic has suddenly increased. Site Vigil offers detailed referral web site monitoring.

How fast is your site

Site Vigil lets you monitor the access time and download speeds of any page on the Internet. If your pages are slower to load than your competitors you may want to move to a faster web host or optimise the page design. You may be paying too much for web hosting if alternative hosts offer a similar speed for a lower price.

Measure your availability

Is your web host living up to the claims about the minimum server downtime and guaranteed availability? If you challenge your web host you will need statistical monitoring data to prove that they are not providing the service they claim.

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Site Vigil


Site Vigil Pro 6.2

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